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So, Heather Morris is back! Which means that we will finally get Brittana in New York! Let’s celebrate with a little Brittana month! We’re gonna trend twice a week (on Tuesday and Friday).

Brittana trends list:

  1. NYC Needs Brittana (on 15th April at 8pm UK time)
  2. Brittana Are Written In The Stars (on 18th April at 8pm UK time)
  3. Brittana Makes Us Bolder (on 22th April at 8pm UK time)
  4. Brittana Will Run NYC (on 25th April at 8pm UK time)
  5. Let Brittana Live Together In NYC (on 29th April  at 8pm UK time)
  6. Thank You Glee For Brittana In NYC * (on 2nd May at 8pm UK time)
  7. Brittany Is The One For Santana (on 6th May at 8pm UK time)
  8. Brittana Are Back With Each Other (on 9th May at 8pm UK time)
  9. Brittana North Star Shines Over NYC (on 13th May at 8pm UK time)

*I know I know, we should thank only Heather and Naya for Brittana BUT ….gleeonfox promoted Brittana like they have never done in the past 5 years, so I think we should show them thankfulness even if they don’t deserve it. Maybe this time they won’t ignore us, who knows.

Reblong and spred the word! For any info you can find me on twitter or can you send ask here! 

5:00 Australia // 7:00 New Zeland (+1 day) // 12:00 L. A. // 14:00 Mexico // 14:30 Venezuela // 15:00 NYC, Colombia, Perù // 16:00 Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay // 20:00 Portugal // 21:00 Spain, Italy, France, Germany // 23:00 Russia (Moscow)


Harry Potter must stay where he is safe. He is too great, too good, to lose.
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